Extremely rough!

Long couple of days! Well as you know I’ve been training for a triathlon 3 days ago I completes the three mile run. Last night I completed the 11 mile bike ride. To tonight my wife got me a heavy bag that I have been wanting for a while. So tonight I did an hours worth of bag work then 15 min rest then 30 min bag work. After I got done with that I went on a 1 mile run now onto TapouTXT ultimate abs! It has been a rough week and last couple days! I. Was feeling down the last couple of days but then today I got inspired by Michael Jordan on twitter he said ” every day you sleep in every workout you miss every time you don’t give 100 percent you make yourself that much easier to beAt! So inspired now and back on track



What a day! Good and Bad supplement, Tapout, Triathlon

So today was a great day with some minor set backs. First off I went down to complete nutrition a few bays back and spoke with one of the sales reps down there. I am already taking GNC Ripped Vitapak and Amplified Wheyabolic Extreme 60 post workout protein. but I went into complete nutrition to ask about a way to possibly supplement what I am already taking to put a little kick back into it. He recommended an item and the name is escaping me at the moment when I remember I will update this post. ( its called adrenalize )Anyway I am very weary of trying new things so I had this sample he gave me for about a week. Today I took them as directed. For those of you that don’t know me I am very ADD i cannot focus on anything i usually help myselffocus by drinking massive amounts of energy drinks. Bad for the diet I know but really good for my business. well today I took these magic supplements that he recommended and it appeared to have cured my problem for the day I was more focused today then I ever recall being in my life. I am going to try them again tomorrow and if it has the same effect I believe I will be a regular customer of that store.

SO I came home today and my wife had already done her TapoutXT workout today she told me that the leg band that we got with our kit had broke on her today! she tied it in a knot to get through her workout. Well I started my buns and guns workout today and I broke the other resistance tubing that came with the kit during my exercise. the handle snapped off. I contacted TapoutXT VIA Twitter and am awaiting a response I will keep you updated on how this process goes. I am sure they will take care of me in someway as I have been in contact with them before on Twitter and they seem to be great people. Also no word yet back from them on if they are going to let me use their logo on my triathlon clothes. I keep you posted.

Speaking of Triathlon I wanted to do my TapoutXT workout today and then go run the sprint triathlon distance to convince myself I could do it. Well I did I ran the 3 miles tonight after a hard workout. The run took me a while about 32 minutes but I made it. I don’t plan to win this thing just finish and I am setting myself a goal of 1hr 45mins to complete it. Now I know that doing all this extra work means under my TapoutXT results there will have to be a disclaimer saying results not typical or whatever but that’s not the point. The point is 6 weeks into the program I feel good enough to attempt this and believe I will finish with a respectable time. Should be enough convincing for you to go out and buy this program! I wasn’t little starting this either 201 pounds and 5ft 10inches and now I’m running a triathlon. I suggest this program for sure! So far!

Still on the go! After a pause.

So today I did cross core combat which on its own accord is a crazy workout! However today it was after I took about 4 days off 😦 bad bad idea! I took 4 days off because I own my own company and we got real busy plus the Olympics were on and I revel in their awesomeness! All those excuses are terrible ideas! I’m a huge twitter fan and Punkass from TapouT posted a tweet that really rang a cord with me he said “exuses are just the bullshit you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve your goals!” I realized I was just making excuses I didn’t have any valid reasons I didn’t prioritize my workout! If you make it the priority there will be no excuses! I completed the workout today and is was much harder then the last time! Only good news in the whole deal is I maintained my healthy eating mentality so I was able to maintain weight. Lastly today I decided I would run a mini triathlon on September 8. It will be a 500yard swim a 11 mile bike and 3 mile run! I have no hopes of winning just pushing myself to see what I can do! The goal is to finish! On twitter I asked @mikekarpenko and @tapoutxt if I could use their logo on my clothes for that event since they are the reason I am attempting this. I will keep you up to date on my triathlon training progress my TapouTXT progress and wether or not TapouT let’s me use the logo or not!

Workout Blunder?

So obviously if you read one post down from this you will see that I have supplemented my workout with a run, using Runkeepron some less active days during TapouTXT. One of those days I did yesterday on my “yoga” day. I am here to tell you during this week of TapouTXT that is a bad idea! Why because the next day is legs and back. That is the workout I had tonight and I feel like Mike Karpenko knew I was supplementing his program and he wanted to make me an example of why not to do it :)! I got through the workout and during this 30 days I promised myself to push harder and that I did. Note to self pay closer attention to the handy workout calendar they give you that is posted on my fridge. So tonight I am going to strategically write on that calendar all my run days!

Yoga Day Run TapoutXT

Since the army in 2002 I vowed never to run again unless being chased by really fast zombies. Since I have started my fitness journey I have felt the need to run again. I personally have to have something to reach for a goal of some sort a means to an end if you will to motivate me. I tried Nike plus app on my I-phone but I am anti Nike its been a personal choice but I support Adidas for many reason and I refuse to use a Nike product just personal. So anyway to achieve my way of tracking a means to an end I chose Runkeeper. It is a great app for the the android and Iphone market. It tracks distance, time, avg time, automatically plays your play list, and calories burned. Plus there are all kinds of cool attachments you can get to supplement the app like heart rate monitor an in home scale that links to Runkeeper app and tracks weight automatically etc. etc. It also motivates you by posting your total miles against other users and gives you a world ranking. PLUS it tracks running, cycling, mountain biking, walking, hiking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skating, swimming (not sure how), wheelchair, rowing, elliptical, and other! but this post not officially a review for Runkeep I suggest getting it if you plan to supplement your home workout or any workout with some extra cardio work! The purpose of this post is today for me was TapoutXT Yoga which I honestly find the hardest to get through. Yes it is challenging in fact with all the upward dog downward dog the Mike Karpenko has you do he might as well call it Pushup day! But I find it the hardest to do because I find it boring for me. I know the importance of balance and flexibility yoga is the yang to the workouts yin but I can’t get into it. So on most yoga days and all rest days I go for a short run. http://runkeeper.com/user/547726962/activity/107395368 there is where you can checkout my activities and get a feel for how Runkeeper works! Today I set a personal best in time and distance since I got out of the Army. In the army I once ran a 6:30 mile but that was one time during a PT test (physical Training). SO I am very pleased with the results both time and distance and Runkeeper is the way I keep it interesting. Try IT!

Workout Shoes?!?

Since I have started TapoutXT I have done it barefooted. I do this for 2 reasons. 1 We do not allow shoes on our carpet in the house. 2 i have better balance if I can grip with my toe. Even as a kid I ran faster barefoot then I did with cleats on for football. Well 30 days+ into it I can no longer work out barefoot. Why? Well it has blown a hole into both my big toes. Well Tapout didn’t do it mainly the Mountain Climbers, Tuck Ins, Groiners, Plank Knee Strikes, and other ground game. When I say I blew a hole in my toes I literally mean a hole. So my wife and I decided that we are going to get workout shoes to protect our feet.

Today I went to my local Scheels (sporting goods in the midwest) I have always wanted to try out a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes but I never thought they were practical for anything. I think I might have found what they are practical for. ME TO WORKOUT IN! I bought a pair today Vibram FiverFingers KSO. The first problem with the Vibram shoes is size. I wear a M43 which is equivalent to about 10.5 – 11.0 I think this is going to be my solution. I haven’t tried them out yet so I can’t get you a complete review yet but tonight I am going to do Muy Thai and I will let you know how they go!! I think since they are like “barefeet” this is going to be perfect for me!!

What shoes do you wear to workout in?


Ripped Conditioning With a Twist

TapoutXT program requires nothing more the what comes in the box! This is one of the great features about this program and a huge selling point for me. However when you order the program they do give you all kinds of options to purchase extra stuff. I elected not to purchase any. 30 days in now i noticed during some of the bicep curls and resistance band workouts that I wanted more resistance. To achieve this you have a couple options.

Option 1 wrap the bands around your feet for more resistance

Option 2 Buy heavier bands which you can order from tapout xt or pick up at walmart

Option 3 wear weighted gloves for all your workouts to pick up the intensity. You can order weighted gloves from taput xt or go my route and pick them up at your local Walmart.

I bought 3lb weighted gloves and tonight decided to wear them for all my workouts to add that little extra. 3lb weighted gloves are 1.5lb on wither hand. It doesn’t seem like much I know! Tonight was also the first night for Ripped Conditioning which isn’t all that intense. It focuses alot on “weight lifting” using resistance band. I wore my gloves today. End of workout I am feeling it.

I am glad i made the decision to “step up” my intensity and wear the gloves. (I did this with a little push from Mike Karpenko on Twitter @mikekarpenko) However I am also glad i waited till the 30 day mark to make this choice. I don’t think i could have done it at the start and am glad i used the first 30days to get the rhythm of the workouts and proper technique before pushing myself past my limits. I will let you know how the other exercises go with the weighted gloves this week.