Tapout XT Review and 30 day results

Ok I said that I would write a review and post my results so far. I plan to do this every 30 days till the end (90 days) so there will be 2 more review and results posts. In between I will post other things as well.

From the beginning …. My wife and I after doing some research decided to settle on TapoutXT as our way to get in shape. My wife ordered it offline and it was very easy to do they give you payment options and everything. We opted for the one time payment. I could not wait for it to get here. I remember telling my wife that I was going to double up on the workouts to get results faster because I assumed it was going to be way easy ( I mean how hard can a “workout video” be?) the box came in and i filled with joy and couldn’t wait to put in the first DVD.

Day1 Cross Core Combat … Hmmm sounds like my speed. put in DVD and press play! I barely i mean barely got into the work out and had chosen a few four letter word names for Mike Karpenko the fitness coach on the video this workout was hard core.

I won’t bore you with the details that you can find out from all the infomercials or by googling TapoutXT I will give you exactly what I think on the program so far. For me I get bored and fast if I am not engaged. Mike Karpenko and the TapoutXT program keep it real interesting. the workouts are changed everyday and even the order they are done in switch over the weeks. Each individual workout, Mike does a great job of changing it up throughout the video, I was never bored the entire first thirty days! Yes the workouts are hard but mike does a fantastic job of showing you “modifiers” to get through the workouts and stresses form and function through out rather then the do as many as you can forget the body posture approach. Another one of my pet peeves is an annoying coach and mike doesn’t annoy me on here at all in fact I find him rather inviting almost like him and I could go out and grab a beer after the workout although it would probably have to be low calorie or something like that. Overall through the first 30 days I am loving the program. I will stress again the workouts are hard I know my wife was worried if she would even be able to do them and she was able to do the workouts with Mikes modifiers and hints. I had to modify in the beginning as well. This is not your Mothers Richard Simmons Sweating To The Oldies workout video it is hard but rewarding.

Thats the DVDs it also came with a Nutrition Guide. I don’t mean a “don’t eat anything guide”. They did a wonderful job in a short pamphlet explaining what your body needs and what it doesn’t need and how it all works together. they put in some really nice recipes as well and quickly I got ideas for my own. these recipes are full of flavor and nutrients it really guides you on how to make the proper choice instead of telling you don’t eat carbs or cut out gluten. It is NOT a diet plan but it is a great Guide for a healthier lifestyle.

I fully endorse and recommend this program to everyone! IF you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my contact page!

Results this is after only 30 days of the program.

I lost 8 pounds 3.25 inches off my chest 1.5 inches off my waist and .5 inches off my bicep!!!


7 thoughts on “Tapout XT Review and 30 day results

  1. I don’t mean to laugh, but when you said you were pressing play as soon as the DVD set came in the mail…you sounded like someone I know…well you sounded like me…Tapout is one of the series I want to try, right after I finish the p90x series.

  2. I am on Day 4. Like you, I’m really enjoying the workouts, but I have a question: am I supposed to be in pain all the time?! I feel like I’m on to the next day’s workout before I can properly recuperate …

    • Depending on your fitness level before starting the program this will happen! After the first 4 days I had to have my wife peel my shirt off me because I couldn’t get my arms over my head they hurt so bad. Are you taking any post workout supplements? If not I suggest a protein shake to assist in muscle recovery such as gnc amplified wheyabolic extreme 60. Or similar. Secondly I cannot stress proper hydration enough commonly over looked in this area is before bed. While I was on the army they forced us to drink a canteen of water before racking out. You body uses and looses a lot of water in your sleep ( hence the morning urination ) so if not properly hydrating before bed you are playing catch up the rest of the day. Lastly stretch! The video warmups are not sufficient stretching time. Stick with it make it through yoga and rest day and starting the second week it feels easier on your body. Feel free to txt me or message through here of you have any more questions 701-441-9100

      • Hey! Thanks, man, I’ve tried each of your suggestions over the passed few days. I knew it wasn’t water, but I tried to eat more protein and do more stretching, and I’m managing a bit better than I was before. Or maybe I’m just imagining it. I’m not sure. It’s possible I’m just really unfit and that with each day my body’s becoming more accustomed to actually doing stuff. Thanks for the reminder to focus on giving my body more of what it needs during a fitness regime.

        You’ve got a good blog. Keep it up. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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